Farm    Chelbesa Dhilgee

Cup Profile   Jasmine & Marmalade . 

Altitude    1860-2000

Process    Washed


Ethiopia - Chelbesa Dhilgee (250g)

  • This Chelbesa is the second of two sites that exporting company, SNAP Coffee, owns in the area. Chelbesa 2 is located at 2300 masl, a twenty minute motorcycle ride from Chelbesa 1. This specific station gets most of its cherries from the surrounding hills, and farmers often walk for up to two hours to deliver their cherries to the station.

    When Alexander, the manager of Tropiq Ethiopia, visited early in the season, farmers were waiting to harvest their cherries, even though red cherries were appearing on their trees. Their reasoning was that God would let them know when was the exact right time to begin harvesting. They also mentioned waiting until all the cherries on the trees were red, sweet and ready to be picked

  • Jasmine & Marmalade

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